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Forum pentru arta. In special scris, literatura, rpg. Fuck this mental prohibiton.




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    Mesaj  TheMightyNightqueen la data de Joi Feb 07, 2013 10:37 pm

    I am so destructed I can't even breathe. They have taken it all away from me. All that I ever had, but most...all that I ever loved, or could ever love.
    He was me. He is me. Part of my heart and soul.

    "May your eyes upon me tear my skin apart, may your touch rip my bones from my body."

    He told me I shall always remain in his heart, I shall always be his heart and he will forever love me, till the end of time. He promised me freedom and love one day, and than we shall be one till death tears us apart.

    "Even in death my love goes on"

    He believed me.

    "As I draw up my breath
    And silver fills my eyes
    I kiss her still
    For she will never rise
    On my weak body
    Lays her dying hand
    Through those meadows of Heaven
    Where we ran
    Like a thief in the night
    The wind blows so light
    It wars with my tears
    They won't dry for many years
    Loves golden arrow
    At her should have fled
    And not Death's ebon dart
    To strike her dead"

    Kiss me still, my love, for I shall never rise. The desire for death haunted my soul for many days after. I imagined him drinking his 7 sins beyond my cold stoned grave, and I...the wishing soul of a cursed love...I was watching him and crying, and....loving.

    They never know. They shall never know what they've just torn apart.
    They shall never know.

    But I will have my cold blood revenge, and than...

    they will know.

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