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Forum pentru arta. In special scris, literatura, rpg. Fuck this mental prohibiton.

    Thor x Loki ~ Character look-alike

    Katya Anjoux - Admin
    The Ultimate, Incontestable Queen.
    The Ultimate, Incontestable Queen.

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    Thor x Loki ~ Character look-alike

    Mesaj  Katya Anjoux - Admin la data de Joi Mai 24, 2012 5:44 pm

    Loki, son of Odin, God of Mischief, The Shape Changer

    Thor, son of Odin, God of Thunder and Sky

    Odin, The Great God and Ruler of Asgard

    Sif, Goddess of Training and Perseverence

    Aegir, God of the Sea and Wind

    Hel, God of the Undead, Ruler of Helheim

    Forseti, God of Justice

    Eir, Goddess of Healing

    Vor, Goddess of Knowledge


    The infinite in me honours the infinite in you.

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