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    every fight may be a new start!


    Robbie Bubblle

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    Data de inscriere : 29/12/2011
    Localizare : Romania.

    every fight may be a new start!

    Mesaj  Robbie Bubblle la data de Mar Ian 03, 2012 12:33 pm

    along the few years i lived i learned how to fight,to face situations,never back down so that always even if i didn't get what i wanted i knew i went for it,that i did my best to touch my purpose.there were a lot of "situations" in which i or go for what i was up to or surrender,not a valid option,so thats how i learned to keep my head up.of course i have been pushed from different direction in totaly oposite directions...i was forced to suppress feelings and opinions,to ignore true fake it into "friendship" just 4 everything to end up "ok".but showed or hidden the fight was still on..was,or is?i don't know so untill i can understand myself and my feelings i should probably shut the fu*k up.stop telling people how i feel :)
    Katya Anjoux - Admin
    The Ultimate, Incontestable Queen.
    The Ultimate, Incontestable Queen.

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    Re: every fight may be a new start!

    Mesaj  Katya Anjoux - Admin la data de Mier Ian 04, 2012 5:54 am

    you shouldn't shut the fuck up. london1 Just keep it up with Bloddy Mary and Piggy Man. death1


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